Picture a Day – 2010

Picture a Day – 2010

The Shropshire Community photography group I’m a part of are doing a ‘picture a day‘ for the month of May and I have decided to have a go at it.  The idea is that you must take a photo every day in the month of May, not so easy if you’re trying to make them all interesting and creative.  By then end of the month I’m hoping to have a collection of images that hopefully will be some sort of reflection of things I do and see every day.

Edit after 31 days:  I really enjoyed doing this and soon realised it’s harder than it seems.  Finding the time every day to try and do something interesting hasn’t always been easy.  There have been a few days where I have resorted to the good old reliable 50mm lens and a nice shallow depth as a quick way of getting something interesting.  These pictures are a mixture of the things around me, the things I see most days and the things I thought might make an interesting shot.  To me they are a little record of the month of May but then most of them remind me of what I was doing that day or where I was and a good deal of them make me smile.  :)


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