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Lets try and cover who, where and why?  Lets start with ‘who’ then, I’m forty-ish, married, work in IT and have an endless (and ever growing) list of things I want to see and do!   I live in Ellesmere, a beautiful part of Shropshire with my good wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a handful of chickens.  I’ve lived in Shropshire since around 2005 which was also around the time I started to get more interested in photography and have settled into Shropshire and its rural setting completely.

My interest in photography has definitely grown over time.  Originally I just wanted to take better pictures of the things most of us normally taken pictures of (holidays, people, all the usual stuff) but have then found as time has passed that the creative element of photography has become more and more interesting to me.  It has made me look at things differently and notice things I wouldn’t have seen before.  At the moment my goal is simply to create images that I like!  What I mean by that is that I have no further aspirations or intention of making money from this as it’s something that I can pick up and put down as I please, something that I can push in any direction I want without trying to please anyone but me and above all is something that I enjoy doing!

So finally, the ‘why’?  This was originally a blog of my involvements in the Welshampton Bonfire (Festival of Fire, call it what you will) but is now also a sporadic and possibly incoherent way of sharing my images, involvements and ramblings and so I intend to post anything here that grabs my interest creatively or photographically in any way…



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