The Brecon Beacons: Attempt #1

Last November (2013) we attempted to walk the Horseshoe ridge walk at the Brecon Beacons national park.  The idea was Henry’s as for his 16th birthday he had wanted to camp and do the walk with a couple of friends.  The only possible issue with this was his birthday is in wet and windy November!
We had recently purchased a Land Rover and so this seemed like a good first outing for it.  We packed it full of tents and teenage boys and off we set.  The camping was even more wet and cold than expected but the sky’s were clear the next morning as we started our walk…

The boys went on ahead while Cathy and me plodded at a more leisurely pace. There was a good wind and some rain but nothing too bad and the view opened out as we got a bit higher. Once we had got a good way up the hike the horizontal rain started and the wind gusts got really high.  By this time the wind had also brought some cloud in on the peak and so our view was all but lost and it soon became apparent that there was no way we were going to make it to the top of the ridge as the wind was now blowing in ‘knock-your-off-your-feet’ gusts.
As we neared the ridge top we met the boys who had doubled back and we all agreed that today’s walk was now officially over. Completing the Horseshoe ridge hike would have to wait for a return visit in the spring.
Hopefully this should be a little more pleasant as we will be out of the tent and into our caravan by then so more to follow later on attempt #2

I should also add that during this little trip we did a good job of getting our Freelander thoroughly stuck on a slippy slope.  The local farmer where we were staying looked at it and put it down to the road tyres and then pulled us back to firmer ground with his tractor.  A lesson learned there then!

1Brecon-Beacons (1005)


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