A Little More Urbex: The Saw Mill

Only a little way from where I live is an old derelict saw mill.  I have driven past it countless times and always tell myself I should go and have a look down the little lane and see what’s in there.  I’d been told it had been left untouched, tools on benches, for years.
As it is right next to some houses and is only a little building it is one of those things I have never got around to doing.  Until now.
It was Cathy’s suggestion, she has been wanting to have a look around there as well and Henry wanted to do a little filming there too.  So on a quiet balmy evening we jumped in the car and drove down the little turning from the road that we always drive along.
As ever the first job is finding a way in.  A couple of obvious doors were padlocked and a hopeful looking side door was through a forest a five feet high nettles and so wasn’t an option either.  We found that around one side there is a lower level and an open doorway into the ‘cellar’ level below the main floor.  This runs under the building and below the large floor beams.  It had a good solid look to it and no signs of rot, cracks or collapse so in we go.  It was pretty dark in there and we moved forward by the beam of a torch.  The floor was thick with sawdust from the gaps in the beams above us and there was a very ‘Scooby Doo’ moment when a couple of bats, disturbed by the torch light, started flittering around our heads in the dark.  But no way in!
We went back outside to check for any other ways in and then as a last attempt Cathy and me went back in to explore the last bits of the cellar passages.  We at last found a trapdoor to the floor above.  So to add to the ‘Scooby Doo’ theme, flittering bats and a trap door, cool!


Once inside the place reveals itself to be trapped in time.  All the tools have been left exactly where they were last used.  Oil cans, saws and drills.  Workbenches and machines, all just gathering dust.  It seems that one day everyone just left the mill and the doors were locked behind them, everything is just as it was left.
The mill is only small, essentially one long room with a couple of small side rooms.


We spent a little while there and I played around with a few idea’s and a bit of light painting.  The one below took a few attempts but seemed to work out ok.  This is a long exposure with Cathy out of the frame and a torch behind her to project her shadow onto the door.


All in all a beautiful place that is a little time capsule, tucked away in rural Shropshire.


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